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70 Ücretsiz Premium WordPress Tema

Posted on: Nisan 5, 2009

1. Rocks My World

Really good looking 3 column theme, with calm colors and intuitive design.


Demo | Download

2. Poker Royal – WordPress theme for Card Lovers

2 Column wordpress theme, with bright colors to stand out!


Demo | Download

3. Agregado

Very unique 2 column  WordPress theme similar to DarrenHoyt web design, with JavaScript code bits. Definitely worth checking out.


Demo | Download

4. WordPress Magazine Theme

“Mimbo is a magazine-style WordPress theme which makes extensive use of WP’s template tag system to create a non-traditional layout. It contains no images and only minimal CSS styling. Mainly it exists as a clean, grid-based starter layout for designers to install and style to their own liking.”


Demo | Download

5. Portfolio WordPress Theme

“WordPress theme designed for web portfolios and (for now) just for web portfolios. It is coming with an Administrative Panel from where you can edit the head quote text, you can edit all theme colors, font families, font sizes and you can fill a curriculum vitae and display it into a special page.”


Demo | Download

6. Minimo

“Minimo Is a minimalist, clean and dark theme, XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS valid. Also is available in Spanish.”


Demo | Download

7. Aspire

“Aspire is a gorgeous 3-column wordpress theme”


Demo | Download

8. Duffy Free

Very good designed 3 column WordPress theme.


Demo | Download

9. Aeros

3 column wordpress theme, with background image and transparent sidebars – just change an image to get really personalized look!


Demo | Download

10. Devart

Awesome 2 Column theme inspired by DeviantArt design.


Demo | Download

11. Molotta

“Here is another fast loading,  dark, wide theme for the lovers of web 2.0 style.  Ready for 125*125 ads — the most popular advertising format for blogs nowadays. The theme is ready for widgets, has 3 columns and pleasant dark colors scheme”.


Demo | Download

12. Ciel Du Soir: dark 3-columns wordpress theme

Classic color combination, calm colors – I think with a little retouching, this theme is pretty well designed.


Demo | Download

13. Puteulanus – Premium 3 columns wordpress design

“Premium design of a high quality wordpress theme, called “Puteulanus”,  You will find the theme conveniently structures, ready for Adsense, 125*125 ads, special division for a small paragraph about yourself and neat, smooth web 2.0 design.
The theme is widgets ready and comes with PSD of the logo.”


Demo | Download

14. Elegance

Premium 2 column blog with regular blog format, Ajax text loading in the header, 2 customizable messages, a hover box over the search and widget-ready sidebar.


Demo | Download

15. Publizicer

“3 Column theme with plenty of space in the 2nd and 3rd columns for putting ads or additional information, top navigation to manage the “pages” section of wordpress, RSS Subscribe Button and Search Features that stand out to all your readers.”


Demo | Download

16. Fresh Editorial

WordPress theme with professional look and feel  with categories and pages in the header and vertical position.


Demo | Download

17. Thematic


Demo | Download

18. Professionally-Done

2 Column theme with calm colors, advertising fields and recent posts/recent comments/popular tags tabs to fit Your needs.


Demo | Download

19. Dreamline

2 Column theme – WordPress up to 2.6.x compatible, widgets ready and with top navigation.


Demo | Download

20. Modern Poison

Good looking 2 column WordPress theme with web 2.0 look and mystery touch with fractal art – great to grab attention!


Demo | Download

21. Modern Magic

“2 column layout with fixed width, very exclusive dark blue colors palette. The theme is widgetized and compatible with all browsers. XHTML and CSS valid.”


Demo | Download

22. BlueGrey Theme

Very good designed and lightweight WordPress theme.


Demo | Download

23. Librio

Another great theme by Deniart inspired by Mac OS X Leopard.


Demo | Download

24. iPhone Theme

Dark 2 Column theme, suitable for mobile niche blogs.


Demo | Download

25. ColorFul


Demo | Download

26. Purple Aura

Beautiful  theme with creative header and intuitive design.


Demo | Download

27. Carrington

Unique theme with rich, semantic markup, page and category navigation menus, tasty styling and typography, Ajax loading of post in archive lists and comments.


Demo | Download

28. Natural Power

“Natural Power is a two column theme, widget ready, that comes with four different coloured header graphics that can easily be changed in the options panel included with the theme.


Demo | Download

29. Deep Blue

2 column theme with touchless CSS edit, adding a category called Featured (with a capital F) activates the featured post option, sidebar is widget ready, CSS/XHTML validated etc.


Demo | Download

30. Una

2 column widget ready theme with calm, light colors for easy reading.


Demo | Download

31. Outdoorsy

Beautiful 2 Column theme, quite graphics heavy, but very unique one!


Demo | Download

32. Designredux

Simple, yet beautiful 2 column WordPress theme.


Demo | Download

33. Monochrome

Monochrome Gallery is a free widgetized theme for WordPress packaged with an author archives page, AJAX slideshow, categorized posts with thumbnails on the homepage and a CSS framework to aid in customization.”


Demo | Download

34. LiveGreen

Very simple and cute 2 column, widget ready theme.


Demo | Download

35. Guzel Pro Magazine

Very powerful magazine theme with many great features – You don’t even need to touch the code, do everything You need through administration panel – really worth checking out!!


Demo | Download

36. True Elegance

Elegant, premium theme with control panel to setup FeedBurner and top panel, valid XHTML/CSS code, widget ready and much more.


Demo | Download

37. Luvin Grunge

“Luvin Grunge is a WordPress theme tested on WordPress (version 2.6), trendy grunge design, three columns, adsense ready with advertising blocks, right sidebar, cross browser compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari, valid XHTML & CSS and widget ready.”


Demo | Download

38. WP Premium

Pretty Premium theme with a lot of great features  – 2/3 columns, widget ready, multiple search option with Tabber functionality, comes with 3 color-scheme options.


Demo | Download

39. Studio WordPress Premiere

“This is a wonderful theme with wonderful options and the best part of this theme is that more than 90% of it’s options can be configured from it’s options page itself.”


Demo | Download

40. Revolution-X

Hybrid blog/magazine style theme fully widgetized with three custom sidebars, 100% CSS, featured article seasion, three level CSS dropdown menu, 3 different front page category loops and much more.


Demo | Download

41. WP Platinium

Fully widgetized theme with three custom sidebars , 100% CSS, unique layout, featured article section and much more great stuff.


Demo | Download

42. Gradient Brown Beautie

Beautiful theme with 2 columns, tabs, advertise fields etc.


Demo | Download

43. Ruins

Original and clean website design, 2 columns.


Demo | Download

44. Blue Fusion

Dark 3 column theme, simple – yet – beautiful.


Demo | Download

45. Blue Garden

“A funky 2 column black & blue WordPress theme. Ideal WP skiing maybe for some party blogs.”


Demo | Download

46. Bloweb 2.0

“Bloweb 2.0 wordpress theme has been finish and release today. Bloweb 2.0 is a clean 2-columns wordpress theme, widget-ready, based on web 2.0 colour theme, XHTML + CSS valid and Tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, Opera, and Safari.”


Demo | Download

47. RapidBlack

Clean and simple 3 column wordpress theme with widget-ready sidebars, tags ready, gravatars compatible, dropdown page list.

Demo | Download

48. Blogger Notes

“Blogger Notes is a uniquely designed, two columns WordPress theme that comes with a valid CSS and XHTML. This WordPress theme is inspired by the latest hand-drawn and vintage look design trends. ”


Demo | Download

49. One Fine Day

Amazing theme with 2 columns, valid XHTML and CSS, several plugins integrated.


Demo | Download

50. Tiny Studio

One more theme From OneWingedAngel with very compact design, I guess that’s the main reason it’s called Tiny Studio.


Demo | Download

51. Wicked Lemon

“Wicked Lemon comes with not one but two cool effects! First is the Docking sidebar. You can click and drag the different sidebar items and dock them anywhere on the sidebar. The second effect is the coolest one to checkout. How many times do you find yourself switching and modifying the color patterns to suit your mood? Yes, we present you with the CSS Style Switcher inbuilt in the theme. There are four color themes for you to choose from and if you don’t like any of them, just create your own!”


Demo | Download

52. All Things iPhone

“Cool black Adsense ready iPhone theme.”


Demo | Download

53. Jin V2
Magazine style theme with valid XHTML/CSS, gravatar support, widget ready sidebar, page links created dynamically as you create them in the admin panel, lot more..


Demo | Download

54. Silver Sleek

Beautiful 3 column theme with just few colors and intuitive design.


Demo | Download

55. Copper Rocker

“Copper Rocker is a uniquely designed, three columns WordPress theme that comes with a valid CSS and XHTML.”


Demo | Download

56. WoodTastic

“Woodtastic is a Magazine WordPress theme tested on WordPress (version 2.5.1), modern design, three columns, adsense ready with advertising blocks, right sidebar, cross browser compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari, valid XHTML & CSS and widget ready.”


Demo | Download

57. Nature Blog

“This theme is perfect for ad space with 125×125 ads on the sidebar. There’s also a nicely styled calendar which you can use with the widgets. Not only is the sidebar widget-ready, but so is the footer. There’s room for about 3 list-style widgets in the footer.”


Demo | Download

58. Purple Fever

“Purple Fever is a fresh 2-column styled premium WordPress theme by WTM, created for sites that wish to establish a lasting impact with visitors. Users looking to maximize their Google adsense or affiliate revenue will also find this theme of great promise.”


Demo | Download

59. Tomadochi

This is a very nice looking magazine theme, originally designed by Rambling Soul, called Tomodachi. On the homepage, there are areas for the latest post and an author’s box – where images can be used through custom fields. There are two sidebars, both of which are widget-ready. Native Gravatar (WordPress 2.5+ only) and tagging support is also present within the theme.”


Demo | Download

60. ClearView

Awesome premium 3 column theme, with 2 different versions using post-images and simplified one!


Demo | Download

61. Orange Crush

“Unique theme displaying 475×150 post thumbnails behind the text on the home page and then show it to you when viewing the post, also widget ready with three different sidebars for your home, post and page.”


Demo | Download

62. Princess of Style

“This is a remake of the Famous but extinct “Princess of California” theme,  3 columns, sophisticated style, easy to customize, widget ready.”


Demo | Download

63. Elegance

Premium two column theme with elegant design.


Demo | Download

64. Replenish

Dark and simple 2 column theme with just one header image for fast loading.


Demo | Download

65. Brown Magic

Very stilish WordPress theme, with advertising fields, and 2/3 column layout.


Demo | Download

66. Visionary

“A theme for news/magazine sites. It includes built-in video features that easily allow you to add videos to your site.”


Demo | Download

67. E-Storage Plus


Demo | Download

68. Personal WordPress Theme

“Personal is a blue, 3-column WordPress theme with two widget-ready sidebars, custom templates, a banner switcher, custom text styles, integrated plugins, and a unique way to display entry dates and comment-number links. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.3 and has been tested with in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, Opera, and Safari.”


Demo | Download

69. Gluttony WordPress Theme

Gluttony is a two-column, widget-ready, rounded-corners WordPress theme. It’s the sixth theme of the Seven Deadly Sins series to be released.”


Demo | Download

70. Purple Swirl

Theme has a dark purple color scheme,Gravatars already instaled, 125×125 ad ready and also 2 widgetized sidebars.


Demo | Download


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