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22 Profesyonel WordPress Temaları ve Kaynakları

Posted on: Nisan 6, 2009


1. Androida Professional WordPress Theme

Androida is a business template based on WordPress. It is based on Android phone niche. The theme also comes with an optional blog layout. Users are given the option to choose between business template layout and regular blog template layout. Theme is powered with featured content glider, featured posts, featured video, banner ads, widgetized sidebars, feedburner subscription form etc.


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2. Magazeen Professional WordPress Theme

This bold magazine 2-col-theme was designed with the main focus being on typography, grids and magazine-look. Really amazing theme designed by WeFunction for free, also there are several handy built-in jQuery features and a lot more. Read full documentation on their site by clicking image below.


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3. TypeBased Professional WordPress Theme

Typebased is a free, personal blog design, with a very clean and elegant style. Along with the great design, there are also included all of the other Woo goodies in the backend i.e. custom widgets, integrated banner ad management etc.


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4. Rusty Grunge Professional WordPress Theme


Preview || Download

5. Elegant Grunge Professional WordPress Theme

Very elegant theme inspired by wefunction.com. It is full with many features, which You can check on their blog. Also their blog uses the same theme, so You can see it in the best way of action.


Preview || Download

6. CryBook Professional WordPress Theme

CryBook is a 3 Column simple theme base with the popular Facebook. It contain 2 widget-ready sidebar, live theme switcher and Custom Admin Panel. It’s compatible with up to WordPress 2.6.2 and has been tested with in Firefox3, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, and Safari. This is a very simple theme, you may notice that it is only a few files included. The key is, it is not only tabless but also imageless! There is no a single image used in layout!


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7. Max Professional WordPress Theme

WordPress Max theme is the true news theme for WordPress. Turn your personal blog with max into a real magazine / news site in minutes. It comes with advanced control panel to manage every aspect of your blog features. This theme comes with many features like ajax tabs, feedburner, media player, and so much more. If You were searching for really advanced theme, this could be it – theme really offers many features You could ever need in daily basis.


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8. WP-Premium Professional WordPress Theme

Featured in Smashing Magazine, this famous free theme has been praised a lot by actual wordpress users for it’s elegance, usability, strategic layout and SEO friendy code. Now, this free theme is 2.7 ready with new useful features and code update.

With paid version, You get theme support and some exclusive features such as Theme control panel, more colorschemes and so on.. Also there are 3 different color schemes available for free. This 2 column theme should suit for classic user needs and You should be able to use it right away with little or even no customization. Perfectly suitable for users without coding skills.


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9. BlogTheme Professional WordPress Theme

BlogTheme does the simple things well and therein lies to power of this personal blog theme: great structure, trendy style and some nifty jQuery effects in the sidebar. So what’s left for you to do? Well, you can start by adding content..

If Your don’t need anything powerful, this theme could work for Your blog with already structured content and subtle design, also notice Twitter header banner showing Your latest tweet – handy! Check out WooTheme site for more information.


Preview || Download

10. SohoMag Professional WordPress Theme

SohoMag is a free WordPress Theme. Although it is free, but the overall look is still very good. Unique to load should be less than the picture too much, could lead to slow access. However, the effect of picture display SohoMag Theme is also a major feature, if this part was removed, I am afraid, not the appearance. Unique theme on top bringing latest articles and popular posts as well as featured content.


Preview || Download

11. Hybrid News Professional WordPress Theme

“Hybrid News comes with a total of 10 widget sections for your use, which will all integrate seamlessly within the theme. You have control of your content. You decide what goes where.

It also comes with an additional page template aptly titled Front Page, which has a featured post slider, excerpts section, and headlines section. You get to choose what posts are shown and how many posts are shown. Plus, no posts will repeat themselves, which has been a problem with some themes here before.

There’s also the sweet four-level drop-down menu, which can easily be modified to accommodate even more levels.”

This is definitely one of my favorite themes and the best thing is, it is very well supported with many vell explained tutorials. It’s unbelievable such theme can be free.


Preview || Download

12. Epsilon Professional WordPress Theme

Eye catching, 3 column WordPress theme with tabbed sidebar, ajax/widgets support,drop-down menus and featured slideshow on top. If You have a lot of content, this could be right theme to put all that content into.

Preview || Download

13. Maasahan Professional WordPress Theme

Maasahan is a premium quality WordPress theme with Featured Post Gallery, Feedburner Email Subscription, Twitter Account integration, Popular Posts, Tabbed Sidebar, Automatic Thumbnail Resizer, Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customize via an Option Page. Theme includes many modern and popular features necessary in every blog.


Preview || Download

14. Blue Blog Professional WordPress Theme

Blue Blog is a 3 Column themes that mostly for bloggers. It contain 2 widget-ready sidebar, custom templates, integrated pulgins and integrated digg, delicious and stumbleupon for every posts. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.6 and has been tested with in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, and Safari.


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15. Portfolio – WPESP Professional WordPress Theme

Portfolio – WPESP Theme is a “minimalist” Theme based on the idea of portfolio created by DAILYWP. The Theme is a starting point in the creation of portfolios, using WordPress as CMS. In this short tutorial are the guidelines of the design, the Codex de WordPress used, where are explained the Custom Write Panel created to edit the content, and the adaptation to the Coda Slider Effect script, create by jQuery for Designers, and can be modified depending on what the user needs.

Read more about theme on their homepage, but if You need highly customizable WordPress portfolio theme, this would be excellent choice.


Preview || Download

16. Digital Statement Professional WordPress Theme

One more elegant theme with many useful built-in features and also You can read explanation how tu set up this theme for maximal effect. I enjoyed theme’s built-in featured slideshow and how all content is situated in very harmonic way.


Preview || Download

17. FREEmium Professional WordPress Theme

Highly customizable WordPress theme with features like , jQuery menu, quick submitting to web2.0 websites support, flickrRSS plugin support, threaded comments support, feedBurner subscribe via email support, a lot of advertising spots (125×125, 120×600, 300×250), 2 widget ready sidebars. There are hundreds of premium wordpress themes on the web waiting to be paid for. Some of them are worth it, some are not. FREEmium wordpress theme is definitely worth paying for, but guys from FreebiesDock.com offers it for free!


Preview || Download

18. TimeCafe Professional WordPress Theme

Premium theme with featured slideshow, built in newsletter, dropdown menu, included header and psd files, custom archive and search page, widget and gravatar ready and much much more. I consider this theme as good starting point, You should tweak it a little bit to get Your own unique look and design and use source full of good features.


Preview || Download

19. News CMS Professional WordPress Theme

News CMS is – as the name implies – a news-slash-article-slash-cms WordPress Theme. The goal here was to provide a customizable theme that could be turned into any given news site with as little as a graphical face lift. The emphasis with News CMS is on customization rather than aesthetics. News CMS uses several plugins, but they are included in download file.


*note: You must register to download this theme.

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20. WP-Coda Professional WordPress Theme

This is very popular and elegant theme, but I couldn’t exclude it from this list. You can use it freely as Your portfolio page with more or less static content.


*note: You must register to download this theme.

Preview || Download

21. Inasis Glass Professional WordPress Theme

This is very unique WordPress theme for 2.6+ version imitating Windows Vista design and look. If You want to stand out and grab other people attention, this could be the right theme for You. There are also built in features like: fixed w/right sidebar, widget & multi-language ready, 7 reader selectable themes saved by cookie,default sub-theme is admin selectable and admin selectable picture.


Preview || Download

22. iNove Professional WordPress Theme

Very professional theme, very well designed and after studying it a little bit You’ll discover many handy built-in features in this theme. For example I enjoy handy Javascript feature “Go To top”, also theme is widget ready.


Preview || Download

More Links & Further Research:

While searching really high quality WordPress themes, I found many other useful links You should consider worth checking out if You didn’t find Your pick in above listed themes.

Deluxe Themes – Professional themes for free

This is a new site offering very, very high quality themes for free, now there are 9 themes together. If You’re looking for fresh look and many important features, this could be it.



Site is very popular offering premium WordPress themes You can purchase, but also there are section for Free themes. Currently there are 5 free premium themes, You can download. Hopefully if You visit this site later, there will be more free themes for You to download.



Somehow I came across this site and found many themes worth be studying, so if I catched Your interests, check it out for further research.



Happyblog Design brings free and premium WordPress themes and showcase them on their site. Each submitted theme is manually selected so that only the best themes will be in the list.



WordPress free theme showcase site with handy navigation, each theme is listed in appropriate category based on it’s functionality not just look.




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