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Olmazsa Olmaz 13 WordPress Plugin’i

Posted on: Nisan 6, 2009


1. Akismet

Akismet plugin is total leader because of its usability. It is simply spam filter – irreplaceable checking comments and trackbacks for spam.


2. Lester Chan`s WordPress plugins collection

Handy plugin gallery from Lester Chan – there can be found useful stuff like displaying Post Views, Ratings, Most Popular posts, Polls, Page Navigation, User Online and much more. Check that out!

Those plugins are highly customizable and You`re able to put them wherever You want –  so watch out from its power!


3.1. Share This

Share This is one of the social bookmarking site plugins with broad site selection.

So if you want readers to spread the word about Your best articles, You must have one of this type plugins.



3.2. Sociable

Here is  plugin, I think is most popular – very powerful tool for bookmarking service, I personally use it too.

Great selection indeed (not all included):


Example how it looks like on web site:


4. WP-Twit

If You are big Twitter fan, I am sure You will enjoy this plugin!

Plugin, which integrates with your Twitter account and deliver Your newest tweets right on Your blog!  Pretty handy indeed?


5. Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

This tool is very important for SEO, it creates Your page sitemap – it is the best way to tell Google, how it should crawl pages distributing priority between pages and create simple structure.


6. Audio Player WordPress plugin

If You ever wanted to make Your blog musical or You are podcaster, this is right plugin for You!

Simple, cool design – plugin fits in perfectly at every blog! Optimally You can easily change audio player`s color scheme.


7. Lightbox 2.0 for WordPress

Lightbox 2.0 for WordPress is prototype to famous LightBox JavaScript gallery, it overlays images on the current page as You can see in the example below.



CAPTCHA is WordPress plugin used to prevent comment spam and also uses MailHide to prevent email spam. Of course there are a lot of different anti-spam plugins, but this is surely the most known.


9. All in One – SEO Pack

I am pretty sure that almost everyone is familiar with this sweetie.  With this one You can optimize easily Your blog for SEO.

Just fill those fields below when typing something new – post, page, link and check out how good this plugin indexes it!


10.  WordPress Plugin: Get Recent Comments

Ever wondered how to display Your recent comments and/or trackback?  Perfect solution is this plugin – easy to install and powerful in use!


11. CommentLuv

Plugin tries to get Your web site recent comment and display it right on Your comment.

This feature could serve as one more reason to comment article :)

12. PingCrawl

This plugin will help you to get more links to Your blog. Sounds good? But how? Writing new post just specify Your tags and plugin will grab similar post from other blogs that allow pingbacks using the post tags. Especially useful for new blogs. Read detailed summary at their homepage :

New WordPress Plugin – PingCrawl

13. Show Top Commentators
With this plugin You can display Your reader names (linked to their website if desired) and number of comments they have written right on Your sidebar! You can grab it right here!

If You are new and not really familiar how to install, configure or use WordPress Plugins I would really recommend You to read this article.


Pretty everything  to do basic tricks there can be found.


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